Who we are

Bahia Sur Hotels is a hotel operator and management company specialised particularly in the management of tourist apartments. For Bahia Sur Hotels, every complex of apartments is unique and different, has its own special considerations and deserves an individualised strategy; such an approach can be sure to maximise value and profitability.

Our clients are owners and developers with groups or chains of tourist complexes who trust in us as a professional management company. What we provide for them is tight management control, support in unit sales, and sound profitability.

At Bahia Sur Hotels we know the keys to success in our industry. We position every tourist complex taking into account the ideas with which it was conceived, and the strategic plans of the owner. We manage our complexes of apartments with great attention to detail, always putting our clients and their objectives at the centre of all our strategies. It is our obsession to set up highly professional teams with strong positive attitudes in each and every situation. And we see that approach pay dividends again and again in the high levels of satisfaction among guests at our establishments.

We know what owners want from a hotel management company: an arrangement which is financially successful for both parties, and a unique experience for guests at their establishments. Bahia Sur Hotels offer that and more, with a practical and individualised focus in key areas of hotel management, such as human resources, sales support, marketing, revenue management and finance.

As investors ourselves in some of the hotels and complexes which we manage we know and understand very well the needs of our hotel owners. But even so we work earnestly to get your feedback and better anticipate all your needs.

At Bahia Sur Hotels we pride ourselves in having excellent relations with the owners of the hotels and tourist apartments which we manage, and we do everything in our power to keep those relationships receptive and pro-active at all times, to ensure that objectives are met.

At Bahia Sur Hotels we are oriented to generating benefits, the same as every owner of every tourist apartment complex. We design and implement management strategies centred on cash-flow and asset-value. We believe the long-term viability of a tourist apartment complex is intimately bound to its ability to establish and strengthen a strong revenue base at the same time as strictly controlling costs and realising unit sales.

We analyse every asset from a local perspective, and carefully study the competition. Then we establish and constantly monitor management strategies and pro-actively respond to changes in the market.


  • Central corporate services
  • Financial administration
  • Internal Control
  • Management control
  • Marketing


  • Commercial
  • Human Resources
  • Labour relations
  • Operation
  • Quality and sustainable development


  • Maintenance
  • Project management
  • Design, decor and equipment
  • Information systems
  • Purchases

Keys to our success

  • 100% experienced operations teams
  • 100% attention to process improvement
  • 100% flexible reporting systems
  • 100% effective programs for quality improvement