The complex consists of various types of building: 1 block of 142 bungalows, 1 block with 180 apartments and 46 duplexes, 1 block of 52 studios, 1 block with 105 hotel rooms, a substantial shopping centre and various sports installations. All of these form a variety of sub-communities which together make up a macro-community.

The ownership of the complex was previously in the hands of the BBVA bank, with the management delegated to various hotel chains – first Husa and later Barceló. Ownership changad hands in 2004 and the objective of the new owner was sales of individual units, plus management. This was entrusted with both unit sales and management of the complex. The shopping centre continued under same operator and the sports installations were handed over to the local authorities.

It was not easy; even though the situation regarding the sales market at that time was favourable, there were many other determing factors and external influences which we had to get to grips with and overcome:


  • • The hotel had ceased trading because of the poor results obtained by Husa and Barceló.
  • • Some of the units and common areas had deteriorated due to lack of maintenance.
  • • The management of human resources was disorganised and the costs had risen sharply.
  • • The hotel was not commercially well positioned and consequently occupation for the tourist apartments was very low.

In the first four months we put into effect the following measures:

  • • Horizontal division the complex into various units and creation of sub-communities of owners as well as a group-level community.
  • • Establishment of a new management team and re-organisation of human resources.
  • • Put into effect a marketing plan to reposition the hotel. Incorporated the hotel in catalogues of tour-operators and agencies.
  • • Trained and put to work a commercial team for unit sales.
  • • Developed a website, central reservation facilities and a platform for reservation and accounting information.
  • • A crash plan for maintenance and refurbishments.
  • • A financing search facility for potential buyers.

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