Best price guarantee

SOUTH BAY HOTELS is committed to always offer the best online price for your hotel.
If before booking, or 24 hours after you have made with us, you find a lower rate on the internet than ours, we will honor the lower price and we'll match your booking.


Send an email to indicating the following:

  • Price you have seen on our website or to which you have already booked (in this case must also indicate your reservation number).
  • Cheaper price you've seen and what page. Remember to be provided for the same room type, dates, number of guests and property regime and how identical conditions of cancellation, changes, prepayment and all modifications on the reservation.
  • Attach a screenshot of the offer with lower price.

Our consultants will review your case and will answer as soon as possible.

Terms and Conditions

- Complaints about the price guarantee only be sent by the person who made the booking.
- The fee has to be public on the Internet and verifiable.
- In the event that the request "best price online" is for a reservation with multiple nights, this guarantee will apply on the resulting final price for the entire stay and not on the partial price of certain nights.

The best online price will not apply in the following cases:
- A supplier unclear as,, or any other that prevents the buyer from obtaining information rooms, the dealer name, destination hotel, etc. until payment is guaranteed.
- A reservation made other providers through portals like voyageprivé.com,, GROUPON and the like ..
- A packet rates. These rates include hotel as part of other services such as airfare, transfers, etc.
- A unpublished fares as can be: corporate discount rates, group rates, meeting rates, etc.
- In offline rates (traditional travel agency)
- In appropriate fees to pages that offer payment stubs.

SOUTH BAY HOTELS reserves the right to deny an evening if you can not verify availability of the lower rate claimed and to modify or cancel the terms and conditions governing this warranty.